Why Starman?

The demo flight of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, which launched Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster into space with Starman on board and the stereo blasting David Bowie’s “Life on Mars,” was the most exciting moment in space travel in the last 20 years.

Starman is a symbol of hope for all man kind. A future in which we strive for greatness. A future in which we push the limits of our capabilities. A future in which we not only return to the moon but set foot on Mars.

Starman’s launch into orbit was not only an incredibly inspirational moment—it was the beginning of a movement. We are going back to space, and this time, we are going to stay.


The mission of Starman is to promote the cause of making humanity a multi-planetary species.

Becoming a space-faring civilization is going to be hard. We have a long way to go to make life sustainable outside of the ecosystem that is our Earth. Developing the technology necessary to take humans to an off-earth colony will require the talents of a new generation of researchers, scientists, engineers and pioneers.

There is no cause more inspiring than our future in space, but our children need tangible role models to motivate them to pursue an education in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Excelling in these subjects requires hard work. If we are going to convince kids to choose the difficult path and pursue STEM careers, we need to give them compelling reasons.

We are at the dawn of the next great space race, and this race will be unlike any other. It won’t be a wartime competition driven by a nationalistic desire to be first. It will be a cause for all of humanity. This time around, private industry will take the lead, in partnership with governments, educational institutions and research groups. Setting out on our historic exploration of the cosmos will require contributions from many different types of organizations, and a wide diversity of individuals.

Enter Starman. For Millennials and anyone born after 1978, the arrival of Starman was the first great moment in space history that we experienced together, and we will remember it all our lives. Starman is the next generation’s personification of innovation, of sky-high aspirations, of shared effort.

Some call Starman a super-hero, but he’s not out for personal glory. The real heroes are flesh-and-blood humans who live and work with us every day. They are scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries. They are people who have big dreams, and take the risks and put in the hard work that’s required to make those dreams reality. Starman is an avatar, a symbol of all these men and women, and his mission is to inspire them to greatness.