NewsNASA Is Accepting New Astronauts & One Could Be From Baton Rouge

March 5, 2020by admin0

NASA is accepting applications for new astronauts and hopes to send another man to the moon by 2024. However, it might be a woman instead–the world’s youngest astronaut in training is from Baton Rouge, LA, and she is only 18.

Allyssa Carson is actually prepping to be the first human on Mars. At 15, she was the youngest person ever accepted into the prestigious Advanced PoSSUM Space Academy where she became certified in applied astronautics in which she was allowed to do a sub-orbital research fight and journey into the cosmos. She’s also designing the world’s first luggage for space travel in partnership with Horizn Studios.

As for NASA, Jim Bridenstine, NASA Administrator says that “America is closer than any other time in history since the Apollo program to returning astronauts to the Moon. We will send the first woman and next man to the lunar South Pole by 2024, and we need more astronauts to follow suit on the moon, and then Mars.”

Alyssa Carson will most likely be that “first woman.” She told Greater Baton Rouge Business Report that she has always been interested in space and started going to camps as a kid. This sparked her interest even more. “After learning more about the astronaut selection process and how competitive it is (18,000 people applied last time!), I realized having a few things under my belt going into college would be helpful. I think by breaking age stereotypes, I helped [PoSSUM] realize that younger kids could contribute just as much to their research.”

CNN backs up Carson’s thoughts on the competition. “Before you get lost in visions of yourself floating in space, keep in mind that the competition is stiff,” In 2015, which was the last time NASA accepted applications for new astronauts, 11 people were selected out of the 18,300 who applied.