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November 15, 2020by Jessica Awesome0

Today in a world with global pandemics, divisive elections, spiking unemployment, and unprecedented social pressures, being an adult in 2020 has been hard.   Leading many of us to search for an escape from adult responsibility — enter the comic series The Adventures of Starman.  Creator Eli Burton has created a world that pushes the limits of human capability and a superhero in Starman that gives us all much-needed hope for our reality.   The series recently launched its fourth episode, the second part of the two-part storyline: Operation Darkstone. 


The highly demanded comic has become the creative outlet for all Tesla owners, SpaceX geeks and the Occupy Mars mission movement.

Earlier this year, the creators designed a Starman costume for every future astronaut with the promise of the adult version.  The wait for the perfect escape is now here, just in time for Christmas.  The two-piece suit was designed to mirror the Starman space suit, paying close attention to the details that serve as the perfect escape into space.  With custom patches and the added bonus of being machine washable, the comic creators have built the perfect compliment for every parent who wants to show their kids the impossible is possible.  


The suits are available for pre-sale this mid-November at  Don’t forget to look for the latest, limited first run accessories for both the kids and adult suits.  


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