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July 4, 2020by admin0

Greetings, humans, and welcome to my second log. Starman and I just passed through a massive star cluster in the Carina region of the Milky Way galaxy. We passed through hundreds of stars and a dense cloud that made it hard to maneuver around. I helped Starman navigate through some of the areas with my sharp vision.

I didn’t want to admit it, but I was a little scared going through the cluster. From afar, it didn’t look as scary as it felt when we were passing through it. The cluster actually looked really pretty, like a group of shiny jewels twinkling in the depths of Space. The stars in the colors were all different colors. There were red ones, yellow ones, and even some light blue stars. But none were as blue as Earth.

Speaking of Earth, I have continued to watch the planet’s developments this week. I was intrigued by a couple of them and have decided to log the ones I found most interesting for this entry.

The Very Very Hungry Black Hole

I discovered that the Earthlings have some excellent equipment in their possession that help them study Space, like the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) radio or Hubble Space Telescope that took a photo of the star cluster Starman and I just passed.

With their technology, the humans have been able to observe Space without ever having to leave their planet. I think that’s quite an achievement, and it could help Starman and me navigate through Space, too.

This week, the humans noticed a big black hole in the universe that was growing really fast because it was so hungry. I’m logging it here so I remember where it is. I don’t want to get sucked in by that black hole. The humans say that it eats so much, it can swallow objects the size of the Earth’s sun every two days.

I think the worst part about the hungry black hole is the way it looks. Scientists said that the black hole emitted so much ultraviolet light that it shined ten times brighter than the full moon on Earth. I like shiny things, but I definitely don’t want to be eaten up. I’m going to have to warn Starman about this hungry black hole and keep an eye out for it during our travels.

The Martian’s Plan To Go Home

I can’t help but feel intrigued by the Martian on Earth. How did he even get there? And why is he helping Earthlings get to his home planet? He must have been very lonely on Mars. I heard from Starman that the Earthlings hadn’t found any evidence of human life on Mars…yet. I guess that was after Elon Musk left home.

It seems that the Martian plans to sent his ship called Starship to Mars by the year 2030. I’m not sure if he’ll be going on the first mission or if humans are going to be on the ship at all. It would probably be better to send a practice ship over first.

NASA is planning on sending another Mars rover to the red planet soon. I wonder if the Martian will show NASA the best parts of Mars.

Astronauts Go For A Walk

The astronauts in the International Space Station went on a spacewalk this week. I don’t know why the humans made a big deal out of it. The ISS is pretty impressive, and all, but Starman and I are always walking around in Space. I guess it isn’t usual for Earthlings.

Two astronauts, Chris Cassidy and Bob Behnken took a spacewalk to upgrade batteries in the International Space Station. I find it funny that the smartest humans on Earth, or especially those working above Earth, seem to be fully aware that batteries are invaluable. According to Starman, there are still humans who believe that batteries are bad and fossil fuels are way better. That’s just funny.

Closing Thoughts

It seems like Earth is getting more exciting since projects like Starship are stepping closer towards completion. I hope humans and aliens like the Martian called Elon Musk do not stop trying. I feel like they’re so close to a breakthrough. Once Starship flies, humans can start exploring Space more seriously. I’m very excited about this. Starman and I would love some company.