Starman LogsEarth Log #0005 – A Triple-Threat Solar System and Mutant Mice

September 12, 2020by admin0

Greetings, humans, and welcome to another one of my logs. I made it a point to watch the Earth and its surroundings more closely this time around, and just as well, too. The past week proved very interesting, as I observed a triple-star solar system, some mutant mice, and a whole bunch of The Martian’s Starships. Starman and I are moving full speed towards our next destination, so without further adieu, here are some noteworthy things I observed this week.

Starships, Starships, and More Starships!

The Martian seems to be pretty excited lately, and not just because of his space travel projects. I’ve tracked his movements on this internet platform called “Twitter” and so far, it seems like he’s in good spirits. Looking at the progress of his Starship program, I’m not surprised. Starship had a couple of successful hops already, and it looks like The Martian’s space company is well on its way towards building even more Starships.

It seems like it was only a few months ago when The Martian’s space company was busy creating SN3 and SN4, which are key prototypes for the Starship program. Now, pictures shared online show that work is already underway for SN11! That’s pretty crazy progress, since this means that SN8, SN9, SN10, and SN11 are all being produced at the same time. There’s so many Starship prototypes in SpaceX’s Boca Chica site that it’s getting hard to tell which prototype is which. Amazing.

A Triple Threat Treat

I’ve been looking around Earth and its surrounding Solar Systems and I may have seen something very strange. About 1,300 light-years from Earth, three young stars are currently engaged in a “dance” of sorts. Two of the stars orbit one another, like two dancers facing each other in a dance. There’s a third star in the triple-star solar system that dances around the other two, hundreds of millions miles away, like a lone dancer watching a duo dancing with each other across the dance floor.

Earth scientists call the triple-star solar system GW Orionis (GW Ori), and it is definitely one of the most unique interstellar arrangements they’ve ever seen. According to some observations about the GW Ori, the triple-star solar system is made up of young stars. Gases and dust from young stars, like the ones found in GW Ori usually form Protoplanetary discs, which could lead to the creation of new planets.

The interesting thing about GW Orionis though is that its disk isn’t perfect. It’s ripped or torn, and I don’t think it’s perfectly split down the middle either. Could you imagine the implications of a torn Protoplanetary disc? Starman once told me that imperfections make humans unique from each other and other organisms. I didn’t really understand it until I read about GW Orionis. With it’s split disc, I could never really predict what it would grow to be or what planets could form out of such a unique atmosphere.

From Mighty Mice To Mighty Men

I’m not particularly fond of what humans call mice. I had never come across any in space. The first time I saw a mouse was on the internet. It was a brown little thing that kept tormenting this blue cat. One clip was enough to tell me that mice were not friends to the feline kind.

I came across a study this week about mighty mice, which disturbed me a bit. Apparently, SpaceX sent mice up into the International Space Station to test their muscular strength. Some of those mice were “mutants” hence the name. They stayed up in space for 33 days and when they landed back on Earth, the mighty mice were still in peak condition.

I know from Starman’s daily exercises, that humans can lose muscle mass and in extension strength while in space. They have to exercise to keep in shape. These mighty mice didn’t seem to have that problem. While I’m glad that humans may have found a way to stay healthy in space, I’m not too sure about these mighty mice. What happens if they start spreading across the galaxy? There’s only one feline in space right now. I hope SpaceX considers sending more of my own kind here as well.

Until the next time, humans! Bye for now!

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