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November 24, 2020by Jessica Awesome0

Asteroid 16 Psyche is a rare metallic asteroid, located between Mars and Jupiter, and roughly the size of Massachusetts.  So why do we care? Beyond the monetary value, estimated at $10,000 quadrillion and more than the entire economy of our plant, NASA is looking for answers about the core of Earth and the early times in the history of the solar system.  It’s at an attainable distance that every space geek out there is a cliched “kid on Christmas morning” about this asteroid.  


One in particular, Eli Burton, has taken his excitement and made the Psyche asteroid a focal point, borderline villain, in his latest episodes of his comic: The Adventures of Starman.  In the series’ first two-part episode, Starman has to save the planet from the Asteroid from making contact with the Earth’s surface.  Burton pulls inspiration from real events, real people, and real defense plans in the real case the Psyche Asteroid comes in the path of Earth. 


“The solution put forward by the Planetary Society in to combat the asteroid threat is actually a real possible solution to redirect an asteroid in real life.”


The series has always been an artistic mix of real and fantasy, giving the audience an instant investment in the “what if” line the comic walks.  Rooted in reality, the comic series was inspired by the 2018 Falcon Heavy mission that launched Starman to space in a red Tesla Roadster. 

 The series gives fans of Tesla, SpaceX, NASA, superheroes, science, and science fiction a new universe to explore.  A universe where CEOs, Space Force generals, and a Starman collective fight supervillains and planet-destroying asteroids.  Throughout the series, it’s clear that the writers, creators, editors are passionate about the next phase of space exploration for the human race.  Whether that be a space race to Mars or space tourism, space the next step in our evolution. 


“The Adventures of Starman series captures the world that we want to live in. A world where we overcome indifference and fight the forces of great to push humanity to the limits of our capabilities and technology.”


With each new episode, Burton explores new ways to engage the audience and this episode was no different.  From the details in the character’s tee-shirts to the humor in the dialogue, The Adventures of Starman is the kind of series that the more you read, the more you notice.  The episode packs so much into the 88-pages of the two episodes that it’s guaranteed to leave the audience awestruck.



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