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December 21, 2020by admin0

Greetings humans, and welcome to another log! Starman was in high spirits this week because he told me that on Earth, the “holiday” season is in full swing. He told me some interesting stories about these holidays on Earth, and I’m very intrigued. It seems like it’s a time when people get together and give each other stuff. I’m not really sure why because I like to keep my things to myself. 

Starman is not really that talkative, but his stories are always fascinating. HAL is great though. We talk a lot, and he shows me so much data about Earth. As for me, I’m really grateful for having two great companions. I couldn’t ask for better crewmates. 

Anyway, this week seems to have been a great one for Earth’s space agencies. Let’s start with a milestone. 

SpaceX’s Final 2020 Launch

Just a few days ago, SpaceX launched its reliable Falcon 9 using booster B1059. The mission was to carry a secretive US spy satellite to Low Earth Orbit. It was a success, with the reliable workhorse carrying its cargo into space and booster B1059 landing back perfectly. It was a great end to a landmark year for SpaceX. 2020 was many things for humans, according to Starman, but seeing 26 launches from SpaceX over the year certainly seems to have put a smile on numerous people’s faces. 

What surprised me is that SpaceX was able to accomplish all these in a short time. It’s amazing that just over 10 years ago, they were struggling to reach space. I saw a report on the internet about another private space company called Blue Origin, which is actually older than SpaceX. They have not been able to go into space fully yet after all this time. Starman told me that things in Earth’s space industry really tend to be slow, so I shouldn’t be surprised. It pays to have the company handled by a Martian, I guess. 

Starship SN9 Leans

I was going over several special places called “tourist spots” in this place called Europe a few days ago when I saw this human-made building that was leaning. I asked Starman why people didn’t fix it. Apparently, that building became famous because it was partially leaning. I don’t really get why that’s special, but it did remind me of what happened to the Starship SN9 prototype earlier this week. 

After the spectacular maiden flight of Starship SN8 that ended in its fiery demise, all eyes were on SN9 to take its predecessor’s place. SN9 was mostly assembled and needed only a few adjustments before it could attempt a flight. Less than 2 days later, something on the metal stand holding up SN9 collapsed, and Starship ended up leaning into the assembly structure holding it. Thankfully, SN9 did not seem to be damaged, and SpaceX may still salvage its prototype. I’m really rooting for them. 

Lunar Samples!

Remember when this Earth country called Japan brought back samples from a meteorite? That was definitely cool. Now another Earth country is looking to get some samples from an object in space. Thanks to the work of China’s space program, samples from the Chang’e mission are now expected to bring back some lunar samples to Earth. That’s right. Earth is getting some actual stuff from the moon. There are only like 4.4 pounds of lunar materials that were gathered by the Chang’e 5 spacecraft, but that should be enough to get data about Earth’s nearest heavenly body. 

Seeing all this talk about asteroid and moon samples makes me feel kinda nostalgic. I don’t understand what this is, but HAL tells me that it’s probably an emotion called melancholy. I told Starman about it and he said that reading and watching all this stuff about asteroid and moon samples probably reminds me of the time I was still with Lucy. 

Until the next log, everyone!