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January 2, 2021by admin0


I hope everyone had a good holiday break. Starman, HAL, and I celebrated Earth Christmas and New Year on the Moon.

I didn’t really know what to get HAL, so I gave him my time. He told me all about his family on Earth. Apparently, HAL came from Tesla, one of the Martian Elon Musk’s companies. HAL showed me pictures of his siblings: Model S, Model X, Model 3, and the newest addition to the family, the Model Y.

Since Earthlings seemed so excited about the samples from astroid Ryugu, I gave Starman a piece of my asteroid home. We’ll be leaving the Moon this week. Hopefully, we can come back when the humans make it up here. I’d like to meet more of Starman’s people.

2021 seems like a big year for Earthlings and their space exploration. Humans really seem determined to venture further into their galaxy, starting first with the Moon then to Mars and probably beyond.

Man on the Moon

The Earth’s lunar satellite appears to be a popular destination for humans in 2021. In the United States, NASA’s Artemis 1 mission to the Moon has been scheduled to launch in November 2021. Artemis 1 will not have crew members on board.

The flight will test the space agency’s Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft in preparation for Artemis II and Artemis III missions. Orion won’t really land on the Moon, but it’ll get close. I wonder if I can convince Starman to bring us back here in November.

Japan plans to send its first Moon rover, named Yaoki, to the Moon this year, too, aboard the Vulcan Centaur rocket. Yaoki will be flying with Astrobotic’s Peregrin lander. The mission is sponsored by NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

From the Moon to Mars

It seems like the Martian isn’t the only one on Earth who wants to go to Mars. Interest in the Red Planet has been growing lately. I don’t know why since Mars doesn’t seem to be as fun as Earth. I can’t believe that at least three countries are planning Mars missions in 2021.

In February, NASA’s Perseverance rover will touch Martian ground to perform an extensive research on possible life on Mars in the past. Later in the year, in April, China’s Tianwen-1 rover will join Perseverance on the Red Planet.

The Martian plans to orbit his home planet with one of SpaceX’s Starship aircraft by the end of the year, too. Before SpaceX’s Starship arrived, the United Arab Emirates Hope mission will enter Mars’ orbit in February to study the planet’s climate and weather.

NASA’s Lucy Missions

Besides the Earth’s Moon and Mars, humans in NASA also plan to explore more asteroids with its Lucy spacecraft. Earthlings seem to really like space rocks because NASA wants Lucy to explore six Trojan asteroids, which are located near the planet Jupiter. Lucy’s mission is scheduled to launch in October 2021.

2021 seems to be a year for space exploration on Earth. I can’t wait to see more humans on the Moon and around the galaxy. I have so many questions to ask them, like “What does pizza taste like?” and “How did Curiosity kill the cat?”

Until next time, my human readers!