Elon MuskSpaceXStarman LogsStoriesStarman Earth Logs #0019: Elon Musk kicksoff 2021 with SpaceX Falcon 9 launch & Starship 9 static test

January 10, 2021by admin0

Greetings humans!

I hope everyone’s first week in 2021 went well, although I heard that some Earth nations did not fare well at the beginning of the year. But it is just the start. There is still a whole year to make 2021 noteworthy and better than 2020. 

In the field of space, humans and their furry Earthling companions seem to be starting 2021 off on the right foot or paw. On Monday, December 4, the NASA flight engineer Kate Rubins pulled out 20 radish plants grown in the International Space Station. 

I’m not sure what radishes are, but they seem consumable. Food seems to be an important source of energy for humans. Earthling food isn’t found in space, which is why Starman has some packed in HAL. 

The Martian’s Resto & Bar Ventures

The Martian seems to recognize the importance of food and drink to humans, though. I’m not familiar with Martian cuisine, but it seems like a lot of humans are excited about Elon Musk’s SpaceX restaurant and bar. 

“…SpaceX is building a futuristic bar at the top of the high bay with 360 degree windows & a glass floor looking down on the rocket factory,” the Martian told an astronaut on an Earth communication hub called Twitter.

He also referred to a SpaceX “High Bar.” Starman explained that some humans like to go to bars sometimes to drink intoxicating liquids. I didn’t really get it, but humans have very interesting customs. 

I imagine the food and drink at SpaceX’s restaurant and bar could make it to Mars one day. Humans will need sustenance to create and grow new societies on the Red Planet.

Starship SN9 Static Fire Test

Speaking of the Earthlings mission to Mars, SpaceX conducted Starship SN9 static fire tests last week as well. There was a short triple Raptor static fire test on Wednesday and a second test on Thursday. 

Last year, the Martian predicted that one of SpaceX’s unmanned Starship rockets could set a course for Mars by 2024. He announced an ambitious goal of sending a Starship rocket with a crew by 2026.

It seems like the tests for Startship are occurring much faster and smoother this year, but we’ll see about the Martian’s timeline. While Starship has come along a lot, there is still a lot of work to be done.

SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

Hopefully, 2021 will be a good year for SpaceX launches. SpaceX seems to have started launches last week with the Falcon 9 rocket. The SpaceX rocket was carrying ~3500 kg (7700 lbs.) Turksat 5A communications satellite to a supersynchronous geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch set a good precedent for the rest of 2021. I’m kind of excited to see what Earthlings come up with this year. I’ve learned so much since starting my logs last year, and I’m eager to know more. 

Till next time!